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Year to Date Summary of

American Baptist Mission Support

December 2013

November 2013

October 2013

September 2013

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Giving Reports for 2012

Giving Reports for 2011

Giving Reports for 2010

Giving Reports for 2009

Giving Reports for 2008

Giving Reports for 2007

Explanation of Major Categories


United Mission (UMB, LG, UMD)

United Mission contributions provide the largest portion of support and are the very foundation for all American Baptist Missions.  These contributions are reported on lines UMB through UMD of the American Baptist Mission Support form.  They are distributed on a percentage basis according to the covenant agreement between Region organizations, International Ministries, National Ministries, the Ministers & Missionaries Benefit Board, the Office of the General Secretary, and career development centers.

United Missions Basics (UMB)

Supports all parts of our national and international mission effort as American Baptists.  These gifts are vital and basic to the work of all of our American Baptist family.

AB Women’s Ministries Love Gift (LG)

American Baptist Women Ministries make over and above contributions to Love Gift (LG).  A percentage of these contributions are used to support the work of the American Baptist Women, and the balance is divided in the same way as gifts to United Mission Basics.

United Mission Designations (UMD)

Contributions toward budgeted financial support of a particular mission board or program board, budgeted financial support of a particular missionary, or budgeted financial support in a particular area of mission.  Such gifts provide money for the approved budget of participants.  If you are not sure whether a program or missionary is in the approved budget, please contact your Region office before designating your gift.  If designated contributions exceed the budgeted amount, the church or donor is notified and given an opportunity to redirect the funds.  These gifts allow you to give directly to one or more purpose and still ensure that overall funding for all partners is maintained.




American Baptists promote and contribute to four annual offerings and a Region Offering that  provide financial support to the recipients in addition to support received from United Mission.  The Annual Offerings are listed on lines American for Christ (AFC) through Region Offering (RO) on the American Baptist Mission  Support form.

America For Christ (AFC)

Gifts are divided two thirds for the work of Mission in America through National Ministries, and one third for the work of the Region.

World Mission Offering (WMO)

Contributions go entirely for the work of Global Mission through International Ministries.

Retired Ministers & Missionaries Offering (RMMO)

Provides emergency relief and a “thank you” check to retired ministers and missionaries, administered by MMBB.

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS)

Provides disaster relief and development assistance in the United States and overseas, administered by the American Baptist World Relief Committee. We can also apply monies to specific disaster relief.  If you would like funds donated towards a specific disaster, please contact your Region office to set up a specific fund.

Region Offering (RO)

Gifts given to the Region to use at their discretion for the budget, or for a targeted purpose promoted by the Region.

Institutional Support (ISP)

Gifts to American Baptist related institutions in the United States which participate in the Institutional Support Process  are for their operating expenses.  These institutions include seminaries, colleges, campus ministries, student aid for colleges and seminaries, retirement homes, hospitals, children’s homes, and our national conference/training center (ABA) at Green Lake, Wisconsin.

Targeted Giving (TG)

Gifts given as the result of appeals by a mission partner for support of the operating budget or special projects.

Specifics (SPC)

Contributions to budget participants that provide money over and above their allocation from the United Mission and annual offering contributions.  Contributions for validated local ministries are also included in this category.  Gifts for a missionary’s personal use are NOT include here, but should be listed as a Miscellaneous Objectives (MO).  Specifics should be cleared with your Region office before making the contribution.

If you are supporting missionaries through other originations, you can also support them through American Baptist Mission Support.  Contact your Region office to find out how.

Campaigns for ABC Work (CGN)

Gifts toward campaigns conducted by recognized American Baptist institutions, American Baptist Region organizations, and  national American Baptist organizations.

Miscellaneous Objectives (MO)

Provides a channel for sending gifts to American Baptist missionaries for their personal use, as well as to the American Bible Society.  Other non-ABC related gifts should be sent directly to the organization.  Gifts in this category are treated as “pass-through” gifts and are not tax deductible.


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