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ABCRM Senior Resource Team
The ABCRM Senior Resource Team (SRT) is composed of volunteer retired American Baptist ministers and chaplains, as well as qualified American Baptist laity, who reside in the Region, who exhibit a positive attitude and congenial spirit, and who wish to volunteer their energy, experience, and expertise to benefit churches and their leaders among the American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains. Members of the SRT serve as they are able and available at the request of the Transitional Executive Minister of ABCRM.

Current members of the Senior Resource Team include:
Delleney, Richard
Dvirnak, Wayne
Lambert, Don
(co-leader of team)
Neuenschwander, Dwight
(co-leader of team)
Pipe, John
Prine, Margaret
Reed, Myron
Shipman, Chuck
VanSpriell, Larry
Willard, Carol
Retired Pastors:

Angell, Earnest

Austin, Floyd
Balla, Victor
Barcus, Richard
Barger, Louise
Bowermaster, Richard
Bowie, Arlene

Brenner, Kurt

Brown, Mason            

Cormack, Clayton

Dellaney, Richard

Dunn, Frank
Dvirnak, Wayne

Edie, Paul

Elland, Jim
Elsey, Thomas
Erickson, Ronald

Farrington, Lester

Fox, LeRoy 

Garcia, Robert
Gardner, LeRoy
Graham, M. Barbara
Grantham, Curtis
Hansen, Harvey
Hulst, Mary
Jervis, Mark

Jones, Willis

Kaser, Max

Kastning, Bill

Kieft, Gordon
Kincaid, Duane

Kinyon, Charles

Lambert, Don

Lewis, Clinton
Light, Paul
Lincoln, Ray
Mahon, Peter
Mankin, Mary Beth
Miles, Monroe
Morony, Carroll
Murrow, Anna Jo

Neuenschwander, Dwight

Osburn, Monroe

Oswalt, Larry

Peters, Jim
Pipe, John

Prout, Gordon             

Rand, Del
Reed, Myron

Rhodes, Darrell

Sackman, Ross

Sayler, Mike

Scheeley, William

Shannon, Charlie

Shipman, Chuck

Shook, Tod

Stoddart, Bill

VanSpriell, Larry
Watson Sr., James
Woodard, Whalen
Yarbrough, Slayden

Retired Clergy in the Rocky Mountain Region
What a wealth of expertise, energy, and information is lodged among our retired clergy. We are in the process of building a comprehensive list of retired American Baptist pastors who live in the Rocky Mountain Region. Those who are available for pulpit supply are listed separately on this website under "Pulpit Supply." However we want to include all retired clergy on this "Retired Pastors" page. If you are in that category but do not find your name here, please send us your name and contact information (address and phone number). We will be happy to add you to the list.

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City: State:
Zip Code: Phone (with area code)
Email address:

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