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Encouragement from ABCRM.

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(May 15):

CDC releases new guidelines for reopening churches & more
The CDC has released a new set of checklists for churches, camps, and other organizations to follow in order to safely reopen and to prevent more outbreaks.
Will coronavirus forever change society?
Politico has asked 34 "big thinkers" about how this virus will permanently affect us--including church worship.
How seriously do churches take COVID-19 as they plan to reopen?  NYT Editorial Perspective
Wyoming sees a chance to reopen, but worries about a COVID comeback
Gov. Gordon allows restaurants, hair salons, and some churches to open--with a aim for 25 people or less.
When you reopen, here's some sage advice about staying safe
A global health expert shares a phased-plan approach to reopen.
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Inspirational News Bit

Sometimes we need just a bit of good news to realize how God helps us to overcome all obstacles.

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — A 113-year-old Spanish woman says she is in good health after having overcome infection by the new coronavirus.

Maria Branyas said she “feels good.” She avoided developing severe COVID-19 symptoms and had her latest test come back negative. Her daughter told Spanish news agency EFE that her mother, who was born in the United States, tested positive for the virus in April. [Click to read more].

A Pastoral Letter about PPP (Payroll funds)
Click to read our Executive Minister's letter about his perspective on the newest round of Payroll Protection Program funds.
A conversation about "reopening churches"
ABC-USA offers these tips on how to start preparing your church today. View the guidelines.
Wyoming offers online emergency-ready tools
The Wyoming Office of Homeland Security has shared these ongoing resources to be prepared for any emergency.
View the list now.
Watch our ABCRM video devotionals of "hope"
Our series is about to wrap-up! Watch now!
MMBB hosts a financial planning Webinar May 14
In these turbulent times, faith leaders can use some extra financial help.
Sign up now for MMBB's overview of financing basics. 
Some tips for better online services
And can we really connect with God virtually?
Hidden outbreaks of COVID-19 might have appeared earlier in the US
We might have experienced the virus sooner, but didn't know about it.
Overloaded with Coronavirus news and links?
Here's a list of some links that really pertain to our ABCRM family:

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

As the coronavirus spreads, the CDC has a self-checking tool and a list of resources of how to find help if you're feeling sick. Please call ahead before going to see your doctor or medical professional.

For more information, click here to view the latest advice and self-checker.

How do I find local information?

On both the state and the local county level, a number of hotlines and/or Web site information is being provided to the public.

Colorado: For the most recent statistics and guidelines on how to access healthcare resources.

CO-Help also has a toll free hotline at 303-389-1687 or 1-877-462-2911.

New Mexico: For a list of frequently asked questions and for updated Coronavirus cases in the state.

A hotline also is available at 1-855-600-3453.

Utah: The state Department of Health has updated information and resources.

A hotline is available at 1-800-456-7707.

Wyoming: Latest state cases and locations are offered online as of May 15.

Inquiries can be made at 1-888-996-9104.

Pastoral concerns

What are some resources for pastors and churches?

* Encourage at risk members to limit their public exposure

* Provide other forms of worship remotely

* Offer to open the church for limited periods for less than 10 people

* Cleanliness is next to godliness ... proper church maintenance

* Social distance is the new "normal" -- maintain a space of 6-feet

Theological concerns

As pastors and ministerial caregivers, the concerns about the Coronavirus pandemic might mean some changes in how we physically show our Christian love (i.e., handshakes), but theologically, the Bible speaks about our sense of fearlessness in troublesome times.


Here are some resources to speak compassionately and theologically about such a pandemic--and the legitimate feeling of "worry" of "fear."