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Emergency Preparedness resources from the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security

Below are a few resources that are useful for our faith communities:

* FEMA Independent Study Course List -
* Dept of Homeland Security Faith Based Guidance and Resources -
* Warrior Poet Society free curriculum -
* American Red Cross Ready Rating - a free program for organizational preparedness - 

























What does the Colorado Stay at Home order mean for churches?

In a Mar. 27 conference call with faith leaders, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis clarified that church staff and worship members may enter a church for the purpose of recording church services or other related videos. These "gatherings," however, are to maintain the integrity of the public health mandates that forbid a gathering of "10 or more individuals."

Those staff members need to practice social-distancing members. Although household members can share a closer proximity to each other, non-household members need to distance themselves at least six-feet apart. Also, the public health orders highly recommend that all frequently touched surfaces should be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned after such gatherings to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Regarding Critical Services (On Page 8 of updated order)

“In-person pastoral services for individuals who are in crisis or in need of end of life services provided social distancing is observed to the greatest extent possible. Houses of worship may remain open, however, these institutions are encouraged to implement electronic platforms to conduct services whenever possible or to conduct smaller (10 or fewer congregants), more frequent services to allow strict compliance with Social Distancing Requirements.”

This updated order makes it clear that faith leaders are allowed and encouraged to go to their facilities in order to record online content for their congregations. As you do this, please be careful to practice all social distancing protocols (six feet distance between people and no more than 10 people).

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