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The AnnualGathering 2021

September 24-25, 2021
New Hope Baptist Church
Denver, CO

Get Unstuck! ABCRM is proud to present our partnership with church consultant and author Tony Morgan of The Unstuck Church to help encourage and to empower our leaders and our congregations towards "Charting a Courageous Future." We have just endured the most significant disruption in our generation (the Covid-19 pandemic), which has inevitably influenced and changed our churches and our worship. So, how do plan for the "next steps forward" for healthy churches fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Make plans to attend this year's Gathering as we reconnect in-person and as we look forward to God's continued work in the Church.


from ABCRM Executive Minister Steve Van Ostran

I am extremely excited to invite you to this year’s Annual Gathering of ABCRM. This year will be special ... not just because it follows a year of shutdowns, social-distancing and societal unrest ... but, because we have a program that is right “on time” for each of our congregations. These events have been tailored to empower you: from the Pre-gathering event to our key-note speakers and even to the Friday Evening Worship Service. You won’t want to miss this year’s Gathering!

The topics for this year’s event grow out of the real-life angst we have discovered in many of our congregations. Questions have arisen such as: How do we transition to a new age of combined digital AND face-to-face ministry? How do we get out of the rut that our church has been stuck in for the last 30 years? How do we as a congregation think about this whole issue of racial reconciliation when we thought the ‘60s and ‘70s provided the answers? These are the questions and the conversations that our various sessions of the Gathering hope to engage. I can guarantee that those who attend, either physically or virtually, will believe that they invested their time wisely!

Yes, you read that right ... this year, the choice is yours! For those who choose to be physically present, New Hope Baptist Church in Denver will be our host. The live sessions also will be broadcast so that those who are unable (or choose not to come to Denver) can join virtually. Either way, you and your congregation will benefit from joining us this year.

If you want a testimony as to how Tony Morgan and his team of consultants (called The Unstuck Group) can benefit you and your church, go online and listen to THE UNSTUCK CHURCH PODCAST, EPISODE 195. In that podcast you will hear our Past President and Senior Pastor for Crossroads Church talk about their engagement with The Unstuck Group and how it helped their church to identify and to focus on what they needed to do to revitalize their ministry in a powerful way. The thing is, what they had to do will not be what you need to do and listening to and learning from the consultants from the Unstuck Group will help you to discover what your congregation needs to do.

So, make plans now to attend this year’s Gathering, engage the various conversations and, of course, reconnect with old friends (and make a ton of new ones!) Looking forward to seeing you at New Hope or engaging with you online, Sept 23-25.

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Steve Van Ostran


The Annual Gathering Poster

Help share this poster with your congregations and your church leadership. The theme of this year's Gathering is to help church leaders to work together in their particular communities to move forward with boldness and with healthy initiatives to grow for a bright future ahead.

Click here to download a PDF to print and share.

What's the Unstuck Group all about?

Most organizations have a familiar lifecycle: start, grow, thrive, decline, and an eventual end. But, as the Unstuck Group reminds us, this pattern IS NOT the plan for God's church.

The Unstuck Group has identified the below stages of a church's lifecycle:

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Where does your church fit in that lifecycle?
Take the Free Church Assessment Now.

Each church exists in a particular "stage" of a congregational life cycle. Finding out exactly where your church currently rests within this cyclical nature will help to identify the symptoms of "being stuck" and then how to chart a courageous future forward.

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Clergy Appreciation Dinner

This year, our Clergy Appreciation Dinner will be held at the Denver Aquarium on Sept. 23 at 6 p.m. Clergy and a spouse may attend free with their reservation and the cost for non-clergy individuals is $55. This price also includes admission to tour the aquarium after dinner.

Gathering Registration

Early Gathering registration is available until Aug. 30 for a discounted price of $75. The Pre-Gathering is $25. After the early bird deadline, the Gathering registration is $100, and the Pre-Gathering is $35.

Click here to register for the Clergy Dinner.

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Click here to register for the 2021 Gathering.

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Hotel Reservations at Doubletree Hilton in Denver

Hotel rooms have been blocked out at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Denver, which is in close proximity to New Hope Baptist Church.

Address: 3203 Quebec St., Denver, CO 80207.

Phone: 303-321-3333

Dates: Sept. 23-26, 2021


Please use the group code ABC to reserve your room at the special

group rate of $119 (not including tax) until Aug. 30.


Gathering Brochure & Information

To find out more about the 2021 Gathering and to start making arrangements, click below to download the newly released brochure and information.

We're looking forward to reuniting in-person this year, so please consider registration for both the Pre-Gathering and the Gathering events, and make sure to enjoy dinner with us at the Denver Aquarium -- and a tour that's almost underwater as you can explore both native aquatic life and tropical species.

Download the 2021 Gathering Brochure


Clergy Appreciation Dinner


Date: Thursday, Sept. 23, 6-8:30 p.m.

Location: The (Denver) Downtown Aquarium

ABCRM is pleased to announce that this year's Clergy Appreciation Dinner will be held at the Denver Aquarium. Non-clergy individuals also are encouraged to join us for this unique dining experience for only $55 (which includes both dinner and a tour of the aquarium). Of course, this event is free for our clergy members. Please register early to ensure your spot for a dinner that's "almost" under-the-sea!

Register online by clicking here.

Download a PDF of the registration form.

Discover more about the Denver (Downtown Aquarium) at their homepage.

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