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Mountaineous Landscape

The Annual Gathering 2022

September 22-24, 2022
Copper Mountain Resort

A Mountaintop Experience for Those Who Inspire and Help Others to Climb the Tallest Peaks of life.

Registration At a Glance

  • Go to our new database (Realm) by clicking here.

  • Create a new account with your name, e-mail, and phone number.

  • Register for the Gathering, the 5 Voices Workshop, and the Clergy Dinner.

  • Call 1-866-837-2996 to reserve a room with code "5638."

  • For more information, call Mike or Samantha at (303) 988-3900.

Featured Workshop Event | 5 Voices 


Discover the strengths & weaknesses of your leadership "voice" and how to better empower yourself and others in reaching the mountaintop.

Join us in-person for some R&R (some much needed "Rest and Relaxation in the Rockies"), and experience one of the most powerful Gathering workshops to yet be featured: the 5 Voices Boot Camp from GiANT Leadership University.

WHENSept. 22-24, 2022
We recommend driving to Copper Mountain Resort on Wednesday to avoid traffic hassles and to spend some extra time in the mountains for this special event.

WHERE: Copper Mountain Resort  (

WHY: For our ABCRM Family and Friends to Relax, Renew, and Recharge.

WHAT: (Cost) Early Bird Registration ($100); Early Bird 5 Voices Workshop ($50)

Wood Bridge Walking

Need Some More Reasons to Attend this Year's Special Gathering?

  1. Useful and Proven Leadership INSIGHTS and TOOLS

  2. Some ABCRM Staff and Pastors already have sampled the 5 Voices/GiANT training

  3. Sessions will end early enough for some mountain fun, shopping, or relaxation

  4. Several well-known Global Servants will be visiting and sharing their ministry:


Welcome! from ABCRM Executive Minister Steve Van Ostran

I am excited to invite you to the 2022 Annual Gathering. Our theme will be Upward Call: Know Yourself to Lead Others based on Philippians 3:14. It evolved from a year-long pilot program that ABCRM staff and select pastors participated in pilot groups with GiANT Leadership Worldwide.


We discovered a program that no matter the level of experience or expertise helped all of us up our leadership game. This year’s Gathering will focus on key aspects of this program. Certified GiANT consultants, Maria Guy and Todd Tillapaugh, will lead these sessions. We hope that many of our pastors and congregational leaders will engage this program after the Gathering.


But that’s not all!


Because we know how stressed so many of us are, we also want to this to be a time of rest and relaxation! Therefore, the Gathering will be held at the Copper Mountain Resort and Conference Center. We will end our days early to allow plenty of time for some R and R during the afternoon hours. We invite you to check in a day or two early or to stay a couple days after the Gathering. Copper Mountain offers many things to do… hiking, biking, nearby shopping, live music, time at a spa, or just a beautiful place to pull up a comfortable chair and spend some time reading a good book. (I plan to tackle the Vail Pass Bike Path at some point during the stay! Let me know if you want to join me.)


And, of course, we will have representatives from our extended American Baptist family who will be a part of this powerful time. Vital and Ketley Pierre, International Ministries Global Servants in the Dominican Republic, will be special guests this year with Ketley preaching for our annual Worship and Communion Service Friday evening. Melanie Baggao, our IM global servant in Lebanon, will also be joining us along with other national and international representatives. Plus, we will also be honoring our pastors at the Clergy Appreciation Dinner Thursday evening.


Make plans now to join us for our annual time of study, work, and worship. Not only will you be glad, but all those whom you lead—your congregation, Sunday School Class, committees and even family and friends—will be glad too.

In Christ,

Steve Van O


The Annual Gathering Brochure

Help share this information with your congregation, your friends, and your church leadership. The theme of this year's Gathering is to help discover, strengthen, and renew the leadership abilities in each of us in order to climb the tallest mountains of life together as the greatest team -- Christ-Followers!

Click here to download a PDF to print and share.

Registration Links

Clergy Appreciation Dinner, Workshop, and Gathering Registration Details

Details are still forthcoming for this year's dinner, but you can register NOW and select your menu items! Registrations for all events are now hosted through Realm by clicking here. As always, clergy and a guest are FREE and others are welcomed to attend.


Registration Details


5 Voices Workshops (with lunch)

  • Early Bird ($50)

  • Regular ($75)

Clergy Appreciation Dinner

  • Clergy (Free)

  • Non-clergy ($25)

Gathering Registration (Delegate & Non-voting)

  • Early Bird ($100)

  • Regular ($125)


What are the 5 Voices? Pastor to Pastor Kim Skattum Shares his Experience ...


What's so great about the 5 Voices?

Just listen to Kim Skattum share from his personal experience.

The 5 Voices Workshops isn't just a small step towards knowing your own leadership abilities, but it's also a GiANT leap forward in understanding -- and working with -- others better.

Click here or on the video image (right) to watch the interview.


Hotel Reservations and Options

To match our mountain resort atmosphere, there are several different options for the Gathering accommodations. Registrants and their family members or friends can reserve a condo setting with either 1 or 2 bedrooms and shared living space or there are several tiers of hotel accommodations available as listed below at a discounted rate. If you want some extra time in the mountains, you can check in as early as Sept. 20 and stay as late as Sept. 25!

All of these rooms can be reserved by calling Copper Mountain Resorts at this main hotline number: 1-866-837-2996 and make sure to use discount code “5638.”


Gold Level

  • 1-3 minute walk from the Conference Center

  • Slightly newer finish

  • Access to the fitness center and swimming pool

  • Parking for one car

  • Hotel Room or Condo Option (with kitchen/great room)

Type of Room and Cost Per Night​

Hotel Style (Queen)-  $141.67
1 Bedroom Condo  -  $167.74
2 Bedroom Condo  -  $230.85

Silver Level

  • 3-6 minute walk from the Conference Center

  • Access to the fitness center and swimming pool

  • Parking for one car

  • Hotel Room or Condo (with kitchen/great room)

Type of Room and Cost Per Night​

Hotel Style (Queen)-  $125.08
1 Bedroom Condo  -  $149.51
2 Bedroom Condo  -  $204.51

Element 29 Hotel

  • 6-10 minute walk from the Conference Center

  • Access to outdoor hot tubs

  • Contemporary design and comfort

Type of Room and Cost Per Night​

Queen or King Room  -  $143.10

Suite  -  $200.10

What To Do in Copper Mountain

Clergy Appreciation Dinner

Food Photography

Date: Thursday, Sept. 22, 6-8:30 p.m.

Location: C.B. Grill

ABCRM is pleased to announce that this year's Clergy Appreciation Dinner will include some mountain-themed fun. Non-clergy individuals also are encouraged to join us for this unique dining experience for only $35. Of course, this event is free for our clergy members and their guest/spouse. Please register early to ensure your spot for a mountaintop dinner experience! We appreciate all that our ABCRM Pastors, Leaders, and Family Members do on a daily basis!

Clergy Dinner

Current Schedule HIGHLIGHTS


Keynote Speaker


5 Voices Workshop Presenter:

Maria Guy


Maria Guy is a Senior Partner with GiANT Worldwide, an organization dedicated to equipping individuals and organizations with exceptional leadership skills. With her executive background, Maria is familiar with the challenges leaders face. She helps people understand what it takes to be a leader worth following and coaches them to fight for the highest possible good in the lives of those they lead.

Maria received her Bachelor’s in Construction Engineering from the University of New Mexico and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Watch Maria Guy Share Insights about Leadership During Troubling Times

With years of leadership experience in working with individuals and organizations, Maria Guy has a unique sense for helping everyone lead from his or her strengths.

Watch now or click on the video (left).

Friday Night Worship Service


Keynote Speaker: Ketly Pierre 

International Ministries Global Servant


One of the featured and hallmark experiences of the Gathering is the Friday Night Worship. More information will be posted when available and shared via our Weekly Monday News Update.

KETLY and VITAL work with the Alliance of Baptist Churches within the Haitian community of the Dominican Republic. They strengthen, encourage, and plant new churches and disciple new and existing members. Through Vision Integral Community Center, which they envisioned, built, and continue to direct, they provide services to La Romana, especially the Haitian immigrants. They also teach pastors and leaders of local congregations how to start and build up a broad range of outreach ministries in their communities. Additionally, they serve as a link, matching volunteer groups from the US and Puerto Rico with churches and ministries on the East Coast of the Dominican Republic. Finally, they aim to promote cross-cultural ministry from the DR to the world. Click here for more information.

How to Get to Copper Mountain

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