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Introducing Our New Proposed Bylaws: A Modern Framework for ABCRM's Future

We're excited to announce our new proposed bylaws, to be voted on in September at the 2024 Gathering and if passed, implemented in January 2025 with the change of board officers. The ABCRM Board and Staff have been diligently working on these proposed bylaws since 2022 to better serve our Region. 

Why We Need New Bylaws

  • Clarity: A redefined mission statement and organizational structure.

  • Efficiency: A smaller, more agile board of 11 members instead of 22.

  • Economy: Lower costs for board member travel and hospitality.

  • Compliance: Updating documents to meet current non-profit laws.

Representation with a Smaller Board

With a new 11-member board we will strive to ensure a diverse representation across race, socioeconomic status, worship style, traditions, and ministry affinities, we will nominate board members using a detailed matrix to reflect our community.

Implementation Timeline

  • July: Final Board approval.

  • August: Publication of new bylaws for review.

  • September: Membership vote.

Invitation to the Gathering

Join us to discuss these changes and their impact. Stay tuned for videos from Executive Minster Rev. Dr. Steve Van Ostran explaining the need for new bylaws, representation, and implementation steps.

We look forward to your participation and support in this transformative phase for ABCRM.

Contact us with your questions

We would love to walk beside you with any questions, comments, concerns you may have about the new proposed bylaws. Please call the office at 303-988-3900 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Email or directly contact your ministry and mission coach. 

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