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Christmas Tree Cookies

Sign up for our Clergy Christmas Cooking Classes

Since we can't meet for in-person clergy dinners this Christmas season ... we're going to a "digital" dinner ... and it's all desserts! That's right, your ABCRM staff is inviting you to an online Clergy Christmas Cooking Class.

Savor the samples below, but don't delay ... Santa might be preparing his sleigh, but these classes only have a limited number of spots. So, sign up now and enjoy a Merry and Bright start to the busy Christmas season.

These classes are offered via a Zoom conference, and we're offering four different holiday desserts at four different times to better accommodate your busy December schedule.

Christmas Decorations

Some important updates:

Your class registration is for a "connection." Please just register your name, and you're more than welcomed to have additional people in your kitchen. Your registration simply reserves a slot for the Zoom class.

Please select only one class: Although we have a tasty selection of classes, we are limited on the number of individuals who are enrolled in each course. We have worked diligently with our wonderful lineup of chefs to ensure a variety of dates and times to meet your busy schedules.

A gift card arrives after the class: Those enrollees who participate in the actual class will receive a gift card reimbursement (of up to $20) to help offset the cost of these virtual classes.

Christmas Baking

To register nowclick here (or paste the below text into your browser):


And enter the password: 2020 ABCRM

Cooking Classes:

Peanut Brittle & Chocolate Pomegranate Bark


Friday, Dec. 4, at 7 p.m.

Start off the Christmas season on a sweet note--by making two delicious holiday treats.

Both are fairly straight-forward recipes that can be made within the scope of 1 hour. Ingredients include: dark chocolate, minced crystalized ginger, pomegranate seeds, sea salt, butter, sugar, and roasted

This class is taught by Chef James Stolich.

Christmas Pies (Pecan & Chocolate)

Caramelized Pecans

Saturday, Dec. 5, at 3 p.m.

In this virtual pie-making class with Chef Peter, you will prepare two popular holiday pies from scratch (using easy-to-master techniques).

After learning the secrets to preparing a no-fuss, no-roll pie dough that yields a buttery, crisp, tender crust, Chef Peter will teach you how to make two different holiday pie fillings: a gooey pecan filling with Southern spirit and a rich classic chocolate cream pie.

Award-Winning Bread Pudding


Sunday, Dec. 6, at 3 p.m.

Chef Champion Ace shares his secrets to creating a double award-winning New Orleans-style bread pudding.

During this interactive online cooking class, you will learn how to prepare Chef Ace's famous New Orleans-style bread pudding complete with an indulgent homemade whiskey cream sauce and a crushed pecan topping.

Chef Ace will share professional tips, tricks, workarounds, and trade secrets along the way as well as two different methods for making this iconic New Orleans dessert in your own kitchen.

Important Information

A week before your online cooking class, ABCRM will e-mail the shopping list, recipes, and the Zoom link for your particular class. If you attend the class, ABCRM will then send you a gift card to help offset the cost of the ingredients (up to $20).

We truly hope that you will join us for this fun, interactive, and delicious Clergy Christmas Event!

To register nowclick here (or paste the below text into your browser):


And enter the password: 2020 ABCRM

Christmas Cake