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Interim Ministries

Interim Ministries-ABC is in a transformative process, and is becoming a part of ABCUSA rather than a separate ministry organization. As we move to a new denominational website, the existing Interim Ministries-ABC website will remain active, but eventually this will be incorporated into the ABCUSA website under a new program name, Transition Ministries.

Placement Assistance

ABCRM Placement Assistance Guidelines

A crucial part of ABCRM’s relationship with member congregations is assistance in the search process for pastoral leadership. As we supply names to the congregations, there is an inherent responsibility on us to have “vetted” to some degree these candidates. Because we are asked by many different individuals from many different settings to take names to our member congregations, we are attempting to define the appropriate level of vetting for candidates who are not well known to us.


To this end the following documents will be requested from individuals who contact the Region prior to our “actively” (including the profile in as many searches as possible whether the conditions warrant their inclusion or not) circulating a candidates information to active search committees. Should the information provided on any of these forms create concern for the staff of ABCRM, they reserve the right to refuse to carry the candidate’s information to ABCRM churches. Should this be the case, the candidate will be notified of this decision by the Executive Minister.

  • Candidates Holding a Current ABPS Profile
    The assumption is that these candidates have been vetted by their sponsoring ABC Region or Organization. Their loyalty to ABC, their commitment to the Minister’s Council Code of Ethics and References have all been attained.

  • Candidates Seeking ABCRM Sponsorship into the ABPS Profile System
    The Region is assuming the responsibility to vet these candidates. The profiles will then be circulated throughout the denomination, so an increased level of assurance needs to be accomplished.

  • Candidate Seeking Placement Assistance without an ABPS Profile
    Not only is the Region assuming responsibility to vet these candidates, they will be doing so without the assistance of ABPS. In addition, as pastoral search committees will be comparing the information provided by these individuals with the information that will be provided on profiles, we want to provide at least as much information to them as the profiles provide.

For the complete list of guidelines for the Placement Assistance information please click here.

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