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Values for Mission Work

We are a missionary people. Spreading of the Good News of Jesus Christ through mission efforts locally and around the world is deeply embedded in our DNA. Jesus’ command to take the Gospel to the entire world (Matt. 28:19-20) and the early Church’s example of taking their faith from Jerusalem, Judah, to the uttermost parts of the world in Acts are key to our life together.


ABCRM seeks to empower churches to engage in mission activities and support in their community, in our nation, and around the world. Internationally, we support work through missionaries and local partner groups through International Ministries. Within the United States we partner with American Baptist Home Mission Societies, chaplains in hospitals and the military, and various other groups who empower us to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus in the United States of America. Locally, we partner with food pantries, homeless shelters, ministries to immigrants, ministries to the disabled and aging, and hundreds of other organizations.  We are a missionary people.

Values We Live By In Our Mission Work


We consider the breadth of human needs and strive to have a healthy balance of mission support that responds to the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.


We have developed self-sustaining, effective, and healthy mission through the collaborative effort between ABC missionaries, ABC national organizations, regional staff, and local churches.

Mission Culture

We are creating a common language and common tools whereby ABCRM churches can grow in mission awareness and celebrates what God is doing in and through us.

Financial Support

In the past decade, American Baptists have radically reshaped how we support our missionaries. ABCRM is working to empower local churches to grow in their support of ABC mission work.

Personal Engagement

We believe that God can use short-term mission (STM) engagements to transform lives. Often, it is a way that God enables the blind to see. (Luke 4:18) These STM engagements remind us that we are part of a very large family.

We are a missionary people. We are American Baptists.

Click here to see our upcoming mission trip schedule.

Support a Missionary

SUPPORT A Global Servant

How To Support Your American Baptist Special Interest Global Servants

American Baptist Home Mission Societies & International Ministries

  • Get everyone involved!

  • Keep up to date. Find biographical information and journals or newsletters from your Special Interest Missionaries on the Web:– American Baptist Home Mission Societies missionaries serve in the United States and Puerto Rico– International Ministries missionaries serve in countries around the world

  • Read about your missionaries

  • Write to your missionaries and send them encouraging cards

  • Pray! This is the most important way to support a missionary

  • Give financially to your Special Interest Missionaries by calling 1-800-222-3872

For more information and ways to support AB Special Interest Missionaries please, click here.

Below are the forms needed to participate in the formal giving of missions:


Church Mission Support Blank Form


Church Mission Support Definitions


Instructions for Church Mission Giving Remittance Form

Global Servants


ABCRM Special Interest Global Servants

The American Baptist Special Interest Missionary (SIM) Program.

Started in 1952 with the support of American Baptist Women to:

  • Personalize American Baptist mission

  • Acquaint congregations with global servants and their ministries

  • Cultivate prayer and financial support for the mission work in the United States and other countries

For more information about the global servants assigned to our region, please call International Ministries or the American Baptist Home Mission Societies at 800.222.3872 or visit the following websites: and

Global Servants Assigned to Colorado and New Mexico

Rev. Duane & Marcia Binkley (Thailand)

Rev. Jorge & Hermelinda Damasceno (Great Britain & Albania)

Joel Hoefle & Trish Magal (Thailand)

Pieter & Nora Kalkman (Czech Republic)

Rev. Vital Pierre & Marie Ketly (Dominican Republic)

Rev. JD & Rhonda Reed (Bolivia)

Global Servants Assigned to Wyoming

Scott & Aphiwan (Tan) Coates (Thailand)

Rev. Jorge & Hermelinda Damasceno (Great Britain)

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Masaru& Themlma Galvez Nambu (Philippines)

Rev. Walter White (Global Consultant)

Emerson & Ivy Wu (Hong Kong)

Home Missionaries in the United States assigned to

Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming


Betty Martin – Murrow Indian Children’s House


Cathy Maher – Friendship House (Neighborhood Action/Christian Center)


Jennifer Muniga – Cameron Community Ministries

Global Servants Supported by ABCRM and ABCRM Churches

Melanie Baggao

Lauren Bethell

Duane & Marcia Binkley

Dwight & Barbara Bolick

Glen & Rita Chapman

Daniel & Sarah Chetti

Jorge Damascenos

Madeline Flores

Richard & Laura Freeman

Joel & Patricia Hoefle

Pieter & Nora Kalkman

Jean Luc & Shabrae Krieg

Michael & Rebecca Mann

Betty Martin

Keith & Deborah Myers

David & Laura Parajon

Jeni Pedzinski

Ketly & Vital Pierre

David & Joyce Reed

JD & Rhonda Reed

Raymond Schellinger

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