Steve Van Ostran

Executive Minister, Secretary (Western Slope Cluster)

Rev. Dr. Steve Van Ostran is passionate about local churches and helping them become the incarnated body of Christ in their community.  He has served as Executive Minister for ABCRM since March of 2008 and has been involved in coaching pastors and local churches since 2003 after 18 years of pastoring local churches.

Karen VanValkenburgh

Region Administrator

Karen joined the ABCRM staff in 2007 with a strong financial and hospitality background. After spending over 35 years in the restaurant industry, she enjoys using her technical skills (CPA and EMBA) to help the ABCRM staff work with churches, camps and individuals in the Rocky Mountain region reach their world for Christ. 

Mike Oldham

Ministry & Mission Coach

Northern Front Range & Southeastern New Mexico

Mike works with churches and pastors for ABCRM. His passion is to see these churches and pastors thrive, not just survive. As pastors and churches learn to observe how systems keep them trapped in old ways of thinking, they will be able to allow the Spirit to break into their ministry context and breathe new life.


When not working for ABCRM, Mike enjoys traveling with his wife, Chris, working in his shop, and playing with 2-year-old English Springer Spaniel, Abby (or Princess Abigail as she prefers to be called).

Larron Jackson

Ministry & Mission Coach

Denver Cluster

Rev. Larron D. Jackson, DMin; area of study, curriculum development - church and community; Ministry and Mission Coach-Denver Cluster; ABC ordained minister, 35 years; The passion of my heart is, "to advance the cause and kingdom of Jesus Christ, both in The Church and beyond."

Kim Skattum

Pastor to Pastor

Rev. Dr. Kim Skattum has been active in the American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains since August 1982.  He began his ministry as the director of music and youth at Crossroads Baptist church until the retirement of Rev. Roland Taylor in 1992 at which time he was elected as the church’s 2nd pastor. He has been an advocate of the ABCRM under Steve Van Ostran’s leadership and fully embraces the region’s commitment to empowering churches.

James Conley

Western Slopes Ministry & Mission Facilitator

James has been a Pastor at Delta First Baptist for a quarter century. His passion is loving God, serving Him and encouraging people to trust in the Lord.  James has a heart for pastors. The reason he joined ABCRM is to come alongside pastors in support of the church.        


Time away from work is spent with his wife, Vicki, children and newest family member, Zoey, their granddaughter born in 2018.   



ABCRM Board Members

Jenita Calton – Wyoming ABW Rep, Wyoba Chair

Seong Choi – At-Large

Jackie Clark* – Treasurer

Dave DeMott – MLC Chair

Eugene Downing* – Vice President

Kay Farley* – Regional Rep to Board of General Ministries

LaRose Karr – ABW Colorado President

Matt Manning* – President

Rodney Perry* – Metro Denver Rep

Brenda Schladweiler – Wyoming Rep

Darren Stroh* – Southeast CO/New Mexico Rep

Harry Talbott – Grand Mesa Rep

Estelle Torpy* – Past President

Steve Van Ostran* – Executive Minister, Western Slope Coach, Secretary

Karen VanValkenburgh* – Region Administrator

Lori Winbhlood – Western Slope Rep

Joe Zepeda – IM Board Rep

*Executive Committee Member

If you have any questions for the ABCRM Board, please contact President Matt Manning.


Lauren Parliament

Camp Intern

Lauren Parliament is a Masters of Divinity Student at Denver Seminary. She joined ABCRM in August 2018 as the camping intern with a strong background in small group leadership and camping ministry. She has worked for over twelve years in camping ministry at four different camps as full-time staff, summer staff, camp pastor, or counselor. She is passionate about how the camp can serve the local church.