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The 2023 Gathering

Courageously American Baptist - Square_edited.jpg

September 28-30, 2023

Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church

Colorado Springs Colorado

The Gathering

Courageously American Baptist!


We can celebrate our history, but it takes courage to live out our values in the midst of our current context.


  • In a time when many people are walking away from or adding to Jesus, how do we courageously confess that Jesus is Lord and Savior?


  • In a time when our culture either ignores or weaponizes Scripture, how do we courageously claim Scripture as our authority for living out our Christian faith?


  • In a time when the world talks past each other, how do we courageously enter into conversation and learn to act with each other as sisters and brothers in Christ?


Our shared journey is not easy, but it is sacred.


Along the way, we invite others to join us as together we seek to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and to become the hands and feet of Jesus in our context.


These are some of the challenges we will be grappling with at the 2023 Gathering September 28-30 at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church in Colorado Springs.




Clergy Appreciation Dinner

We have a unique opportunity to hold our Clergy Appreciation Dinner at the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum as we visit Olympic City, USA. (a.k.a. Colorado Springs). 


3-D Conversations

We know that one of the key realities of American Baptist life is that we have great diversity, from race to theology, to geographic settings. This year, we will have a chance to explore how we have conversations about challenging differences: What are our "Die" Issues? (Essentials), What are our "Defend" issues? and What are our "Discuss" issues?  

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