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Sponsored by ABC of the Rocky Mountains

Working with All Hands Volunteers Organization

Service trips to the Houston area are in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. They will focus on helping families whose homes have been flooded and left for ruin. The gutting of homes is happening quickly, so teams should come with an open heart, ready to serve and step into the process. Efforts may include gutting, cleaning, and demolding. This is an incredible opportunity for people to mobilize and help their neighbors in a time of great need.


So much of what people knew has been covered by floodwaters and/or swept away.

In addition to Service trips ABCRM is currently accepting financial donations to help fund these trips. Their goal is $25,000.00. Contact Dr. Stuart Lord at if you are interested in making financial contributions to these critical efforts.


If you are interested in serving on a trip as an individual or bringing a group on a trip, contact Dr. Stuart Lord, volunteer coordinator for Texas Hurricane Relief of the ABC of the Rocky Mountains at for further information.



Sleeping accommodations and meals are provided by All Hands Volunteers at no cost to the volunteers. Headquarters are located at Faith United Methodist Church in Richmond, Texas.

Upcoming Houston Hurricane Relief Trip Dates:




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