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Connection with God in Solitude

Have you ever wondered if prayer really matters? Is God really there? I know I have at times, especially in times of solitude my mind becomes distracted. I think connecting with God in our culture is a difficult task. In Paul Miller’s book “A Praying Life,” he focuses on different ways to connect with God in a distracting world. The goal by the end of the book is to have implemented prayer in one’s life on a regular basis. His main concept for everyone to grasp is that learning to pray does not offer you a less busy life, but prayer does offer a less busy heart. Looking at Jesus’ life, one would find many times he retreated to solitude to be with his Father.

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed”

Luke 5:16

Why do we need prayer? Where do we see prayer as a necessity in the Bible? The life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, displays the need for prayer. Jesus knew he needed time with his Father in order to have his identity in Him, be rejuvenated by Him, and to serve Him. When Jesus tells us to become like little children, He is telling us to become dependent on God. Being children of God, means we gain our identity and purpose from God, our Father. Jesus’ prayer life is an expression of his personal relationship with the one He loves most, God.

Second, Jesus’ life exhibits the need for solitude and rejuvenation with God, His Father. In order to be alone with the one He loves most, Jesus retreats after doing ministry multiple times throughout his time on earth. In order to concentrate on God, one should retreat from the hectic life and be with God. With the aim of serve others to the best of our ability, one should desire to focus solely on the Beloved, God. When focusing on God, one learns to be loved in order to love others well.

In our distracting world, it is hard to make a connection with God. As we look at Jesus’ life and ministry, we find that he takes time to be refilled and loved by his Father. Jesus puts his life in God’s hands. Placing one’s life in God’s hands is the best way in order to serve others to the best of one’s ability. Mother Teresa stated, “Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God.” How are you putting your life in God’s hands?

Prayer: Dear Lord, we know that we are imperfect and we forget to seek you in the solitude of prayer. Thank you for always being there for each of us every day and for loving us unconditionally. Give us the wisdom to know we need to come to you. Help us to trust in you like a child and to walk in our faith, not by our sight. Thank you for being gracious in each of our failures. Give us the eyes to see the failures we each have. Lord, thank you for the unconditional love and guidance you give to each of us no matter what. In your precious name we pray. AMEN!

Lauren Parliament

ABCRM Camping Intern

Centennial, CO

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