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Much Needed Rest

Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him; Do not get upset because of one who is successful in his way, Because of the person who carries out wicked schemes (Ps. 37:7, NIV).

Where do you find rest?

If you know me, I talk a lot about where do you find rest, and about how do you rejuvenate. For some people, finding rest and peace in the Lord is sitting next to a fireplace, reading his Word with a warm cup of tea. For another, it is hiking in the Lord’s creation to see his handiwork and to spend time with Him. For another, it is just getting a good nap on a Sunday afternoon. As we seek rest, we seek our God!

Where do you find rejuvenation?

Where an introvert finds rejuvenation usually is in a very different place or manner from where an extrovert finds the same thing. For example, one of my friends rejuvenates with a good book, her puppies, and a lit candle in her bedroom. She is an introvert, but for me, that works sometimes. More often, I find rejuvenation by being with others and spending time together. We all need to know how we regain energy; it looks differently for everyone. The Lord will fill us to serve Him if we seek to be filled by Him.

I find even more rejuvenation and rest by hiking with friends and my dog! The picture below is one I took of my dog Freckles having the time of his life running on a trail in the mountains. I could tell he absolutely loved every minute of that hike! He lives his best life when he is out in nature enjoying creation and all of the new smells!

Being with friends, and on a trail, is where I find the most rest and rejuvenation. I feel and see the Lord's peace in his creation. I find rest in Him and run free in my heart, mind, and soul, just like my dog was at this moment! The views we saw on that hike were breathtaking!

The Lord promises peace and rest if we walk with him as faithful followers. Jesus promises us that we will find rest if we come to him! He does give us rest, but we need to seek him and to come into his presence. In our busy lives, it is hard to make time to rest and to rejuvenate, but when I do this regularly, I have more energy to serve and to love others.

For me, when I reflect on His creation, I see His promises and handiwork in my life the most. For this very reason, I take my dog on a walk every morning and try for a hike once a week. These moments give me time with the Lord and my sweet dog! We must all focus on how to find rest in the Lord and to be filled -- and not on the comparison of others by whom we are deemed successful by the world.

I challenge you to go to a place to experience peace and to run free in your heart, mind, and soul!


Lord, I praise you for the gift of rest. Your presence in my life ushers in true peace and lets my soul find rest! May we learn to experience your peace and rest in our hearts, minds, and souls. AMEN.


Rev. Lauren Parliament

Minister to Future Leaders and Discipleship

American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains


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