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Have a Beautiful Day

“God has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

There’s a McDonalds near my house whose drive-through is often staffed by a young lady that tells every customer to “Have a beautiful day.” Every time I go through her line, I get the same greeting, “Thank you, have a beautiful day.” I love that.

One day I asked her, “Hey, what’s your name?”, “Trinity”, she answered. “That is a beautiful name”, I said, “thanks for wishing me a beautiful day every time I come through this line.”

I drove away wondering if she ever has anyone bless her with a ‘beautiful day’? And then I had an idea. A few days later I went to Sam’s Club and got a tray of a couple dozen cupcakes, then went to King Soopers and picked up an AMC gift card, then went to the Dollar Tree and bought five of those helium balloons on a string. I put the AMC card and $20 cash into an envelope and headed to McDonalds.

I walked in with the tray of cups cakes and the balloons and asked if Trinity was working. The manager said she’s working the drive-through until 3:00 pm It was 2:50 pm. I told him I’d wait.

I sat down near the front of the store with my cupcakes and balloons and as soon as Trinity was off duty, her manager pointed at me and said, “This guy is waiting for you.”

“Trinity”, I said good and loud for all four other people in the restaurant to hear me, “you don’t know me, but every time I’m in your drive through line, you wish me a beautiful day. I just wanted to bring you some cupcakes to share with your co-workers and a little something just for you, to tell you ‘thank you and I hope you have a beautiful day’”.

She was stunned. The manager was speechless. I left. I hope she was blessed.

The next time I was in that McDonalds, about two weeks later, I noticed that Trinity was no longer at the drive-through window. She’d actually been promoted to a manager.

That made me happy. I hope it had something to do with her commitment to her customers...and one in particular who made a big deal of it.

When God makes things beautiful, I think He sometimes does it through us. The thing that worries me sometimes is how often I let opportunities slip by without grabbing them. The smile, the ‘thank you’, the extra step. After all it’s the least I can do in response to all that Jesus has done for me.

Pastor Kim Skattum, Senior Pastor

Crossroads American Baptist Church

Northglenn, Thornton and Fort Lupton

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