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Trusting “An Old God” With the New Year

"I waited patiently and expectantly for the Lord, and He inclined to me and heard my cry… Blessed-happy, fortunate (to be envied)-is the man who makes the Lord his refuge and trust, and turns not to the proud or to followers of false gods.” (Ps. 40:1 and 4) (Amplified Version)

As we ready our hearts for the New Year, and even though our faith is anchored in Jesus Christ and we are certain that nothing will come into our lives without God’s permission, many believers greet the New Year with a bit of anxiety in their heart. There is something in us that wants to know what we will encounter as we travel life’s uneven journey. And even more, when the trials of life and faith come before us, we want to know that our faith in Jesus Christ will enable us to endure each one. In Ps. 40:1-5, David gives us “wise words” for addressing these and other questions that may stir our heart, mind and soul as we go forward in the New Year.

The Scripture does not say what was troubling David’s heart. However, it does say whatever trial that was sat before David, he met it with a deep and abiding faith in God. As David walked with God, he cultivated a prayer life through which he affirmed that “God was his shepherd”. David knew God cared for him. Out of that place of faith, he approached God’s presence in expected hope. He walked steadfastly in faith with God. Regardless of the trials of life and faith, David expected God to be his strength. In verses 2 and 3 of our text, God answers David’s prayers. God delivers him from the “horrible pit”. He places David “upon a strong rock” and steadied his feet in the midst of the trial. God put a “new song” in David’s mouth, a song that would give praise and honor to God, and draw others to join with him in praising and worshipping his God.

David says, “Blessed, happy and fortunate is the person that makes the Lord his refuge and trust.” He goes on to say that, “the mighty works of God are too numerous to count or mention.” The words of David in Ps. 40:1-5 reassures all believers that “the God of everlasting to everlasting” has the power to lead, guide and sustain us as we go forward in life and faith into and through the New Year. (Amen.)

Regardless of what is before us in the New Year, God invites us to cultivate a prayer life and a relationship with Him that is anchored in our faith that “He is the true and living God”.

Prayer: Father God, as we go forward into unchartered days of life and faith, help us to surrender our lives into Your holy hands that we might trust You completely for all things. In Jesus name we pray. (Amen.)

Rev. Larron D. Jackson, DMin

Ministry and Mission Coach

Denver Cluster

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