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Going Forward and Trusting God

“I waited patiently and expectantly for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry… Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done… ” Ps. 40:1 and 5(a) (NIV)

In Ps. 40:1-5, David reminds his readers that there are times in this journey of life and faith that God will allow the trials of life to find their way to “address of the soul” of those who believe in Him. David says that God allows this to happen for two reasons. The first is for Believers to remember what God has already done in their lives. And secondly, to trust what God can and will do in the lives of those who put their trust in Him. David declares that God may allow the trials to stay awhile while He is shaping our lives to go forward in faith. Often, even as Believers, when we are placed in such places we want to know, “How long will this situation last? Do I have the strength to endure all I shall encounter?” We want to know that our faith in God, the Father and Jesus Christ, the Son, will give us the strength to meet and overcome each challenge of life and faith that we shall encounter as we walk in the ways of the Lord. In Ps. 40:1-5, David lays before us “the foundation” for trusting God during trying times.

The Scripture does not say what was troubling David’s heart. However, it does say whatever trial David was encountering, he met his problem with a deep and abiding faith in God. Throughout David’s journey of life and faith he had cultivated a relationship and prayer life with God that he knew that God was his Shepherd and that he could approach God’s presence with divine confidence. As David approached God’s presence in prayers and waited patiently for the Lord to answer him during this season of great difficulty in his life, Scripture declares God gave David four things to comfort him:

  1. He lifted David out of his “despair”, (Ps. 40:1-2a)

  2. He set David’s feet on a “rock”, (Ps. 40:2b)

  3. He gave David a firm place to “stand”, (ps. 40:2c), and;

  4. He put a new song of praise in David’s mouth, (Ps. 40:3a)

With the strength of God in his heart, in spite of the difficult days and trying times, David declares, “Blessed, happy and fortunate is the person that makes the Lord his refuge and trust.” He goes on to say that, “the mighty works of God are too numerous to count or mention.” The words of David in Ps. 40:1-5 reassures all believers that “the God of everlasting to everlasting” has the power to lead, guide and sustain us as we go forward in faith as we travel life’s uneven journey. (Amen.)

Regardless of what is before us God invites us to cultivate a prayer life and a relationship with Him that is anchored in our faith that He is the true and living God. And, as the Sovereign Hope for humanity, God has the power to see us through or sustain us in whatever comes our way as we follow Him in faith. David declares regardless of the challenges of life and faith that shall confront us as we walk in the ways of the Lord, the God of the genesis of time is still our God with all power in His hands. As we hold fast to our faith in God, regardless of what we shall encounter over life’s uneven journey, God will allow us to see the fruit of our faith and strengthen us to meet every challenge along the way. And even more, strengthen us for every trial until we see Him face to face. (Amen.)

Prayer: Father God, as we go forward into unchartered days of life and faith, help us to surrender our lives into Your holy hands that we might trust You completely for time and eternity. In Jesus name we pray. (Amen.)

Rev. Larron D. Jackson, DMin

Ministry and Mission Coach

Denver Cluster

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